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Wide Format Printer- Possibilities

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So, up until now I have been doing plastisol transfers. I am looking at getting a vinyl cutter, but also looking at "practicing" some screen printing with an economy 4 color press that I had given to me. That said, I'd love to be able to offer more products. I don't officially do custom stuff, but always end up doing ti for friends and friends of friends.

I'm thinking about how a wide format printer could be used in conjunction with the other things I have. I could print out vinyl transfers to then cut and press. Could I also print out screen positives with the same printer? I know that the ink matters, but I don't know a lot of the details. The old Epson 1100 or the 7010 look like something that I could afford for right now. I guess I am just trying to see what options that one of these printers would open up in order to justify the future purchase. I'm in no dire need for one right now. I had also been looking into the possibility of one day making, stickers, tattoos, and/or laptop skins. And other similar things.

I'm still reading up...
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You would need a vinyl cutter to make vinyl transfers. You can use the printer to print on transfer paper and on film positives.
I guess a more specific question is- would the 7010 be a good candidate to do both tasks?
I thought you were talking about a solvent printer at first... for the 13in wide desktop printers you need to really watch for ink consumption because they are way more inefficient then solvent printers. We go through ink so fast with our epson R2000 it's crazy. It's good but you need to watch ink cost.

As for screen printing you really should have a dedicated all black printer like a epson 1430 with Accurip so it can print nice opaque film positives.
I use a Epson workforce 7010 with a ciss and pigment ink in bulk. It will only print heat transfers. If you are going to print on vinyl you need a solvent printer and they are not cheap.
This is good info guys. I appreciate it.

So, film positives would need a dedicated printer. The 7010 would work for transfers. Probably dark transfers as well I assume. I'd need a solvent printer to do any real printing on vinyl.
Correct! We have a roland ecosolvent 64in printer for all our printed vinyl, banners, etc applications and use the epson r2000 for transfers if a customer absolutley needs a full color image on a short run amount of shirts! I like jetpro soft stretch and the opaque one (forget the name) for darker shirts. IMO screen printing is still the best retail quality print for garments! Which we do do short runs as low as 6 shirts if need be.
You can get a professioanl look with transfers but your going to need to buy a vinyl cutter. Id suggest a name brand like graphtec or roland we have 3 graphtecs and love them!
I found some matte vinyl covered 30mil magnet material. It said that it was compatible with a wide format deskjet printer. Anyone have any experience with this? Durability? Just curious... I've got a nice vinyl cutter now. So, I'm just trying to keep me equipment expansion plans coming along. I'd love to make laptop skins. Would that be doable on an inkjet printer, with a professional look to them? Or is this back to the solvent printer category again?

Part of my goal is to be able to offer a product and make it in house in the short term, and then outsource to a place with better equipment when it seems like that product is taking off.
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