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We wanted to share with everyone our experience with the NeoFlex.

A few years ago we were searching for a DTG machine. We spoke with several companies and then hit the road to check some of them out. We tried out several machines before we found ourselves in Philadelphia looking at the NeoFlex. Our first thought was "WOW this is different then all the other machines we have seen so far." After a demo of the machine, we knew our search was complete and ordered one the very next day.

Our machine arrived and the tech team was not far behind to do an install. They sent Pete up to do the install. He noticed a piece was missing from the delivery so he had someone drive all the way up from Philly to New York that same day with the missing piece. After the machine was together, Pete and John showed us how to run it. They even stayed over in a hotel that night because we, like many potential NeoFlex owners, had already booked a job in excitement of receiving the machine, and they wanted to help with our first order. It was 50 black t-shirts and they helped us out with everything from pre treatment to printing to curing. If thats not service, I don't know what is. They even offered to come back up to New York to train some of our other employees who where not available for training at that time.

So started a relationship that still goes strong today. The guys at All American not only sell machines, they stay with you throughout the duration of your ownership (and sometimes beyond) and help you grow your business by making connections for you and always being there to help when some issues arise.

We occasional take trips to Philadelphia and we try to schedule in a stop at All American to say hello while we are in town. The staff is always busy improving and perfecting the NeoFlex, so your not just getting a product that will expire, you are getting an ever expanding system that will produce the best quality prints in its class. The mix between the hardware and the software they provide are second to none (just take a look at who took the top two spots in last years DTG T-shirt Forums Contest.)

The community of NeoFlex owners is great. Most people who own the NeoFlex are more then willing to share tips and tricks with each other. Most times you can post a thread on the forums here and have an answer in minutes from a fellow NeoFlex owner. We love going to the trade shows and seeing the NeoFlex booth being the busiest place in in the convention center! Some how everyone wants to stop by and see the NeoFlex do it's thing. You will find satisfied NeoFlex owner at the booth and you could swear they are working there by the way they are telling people the great things about the NeoFlex, but then you find out they were just walking by and having casual conversations with potential future owners. Last show we even got really good restaurant tips from the team and had a great lunch and dinner that night!

Beside their machines and software, All American offers some of the best service and support you can find. We have had technicians come up to New York to help us in our shop and also have brought the machine in for a quick tune up in Philly. Each and every time the staff is thorough and fixes the problems. They are a phone call away from walking you through any issues. We can not count how many times they have walked us through things from the simple to the very complex, somehow we always solve our dilemmas (few that they are.)

We are proud to be one of the first 20 NeoFlex owners in the country and continue to run our machine on a daily basis. Our daily maintenance schedule has made it possible for us to run the machine for 2 plus years without any replaced parts. That goes to show you how 10 minutes a day can make all the difference in making your machine last and continue to produce excellent quality! We look forward to forging ahead our relationship with All American, current NeoFlex owners and future NeoFlex owners.

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Great post Rich!

Always nice to read good news and positive feedback about the NeoFlex and all the guys/gals at AA. They definitely deserve the kudos!

I sat on the sidelines for nearly two years (doing research and comparing other machines ) before I decided to invest in a DTG printer ... in the end, it was clear that the NeoFlex was the only choice for my business! Great quality prints, awesome RIP, terrific service, etc, etc.

2 years without any replaced parts or problems is outstanding ... proper maintenance definitely pays off.

Keep on printing!
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