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why tri-blend shirts only in athletic gray?

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This may be a very amature question, but I am amature so I don't feel entirely stupid asking. Why do American and Alternative only make tri-blend shirts(cotton/poly/rayon) in athletic grey? Can they be found in other colors?
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Re: tri-blend

I have no clue honestly..hmmm let me give you MY Amature reponse since nobody said nothin to you yet. Maybe its to keep it from shrinking??

oh yeah welcome to the forums
Good question! I'm not sure why this is. I've noticed that some other brands always include a bit of poly content in their "ash/heather" gray t-shirts. I wonder if this has to do with the ash/heather color (maybe it requires a blend to make it work/feel/look right)?
From fabriclink.com:

A yarn that is spun using pre-dyed fibers. These fibers are blended together to give a particular look. (For example, black and white may be blended together to create a grey heathered yarn.) The term, heather, may also be used to describe the fabric made from heathered yarns."

If they are blending white cotton and black poly to get heather, maybe that's why heathers always have poly in them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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