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Why is the Ft Worth ISS Show such a good show?

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Last year was my first time at ISS Ft Worth and I was surprised at how big of a show it was.

There was a great turnout of both vendors and attendees. For the last show of the year, it seems like it has the possibility of being a slower show.

What are your thoughts on why ISS Ft. Worth is one of the bigger (2nd or 3rd after Long Beach) shows?
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We've exhibited at that show a couple of times, and the interest, when compared to the other ISS Shows, has always been greater. I don't know if decorators in Texas are just more likely to act on what they learn at the show and make purchases, or if they just have more money to spend. I think being in a big population center and a big state helps with attendance, but there seems to be an attitude difference at this show as well. People seem more interested in learning and more ready to buy. Not sure why that is.
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where can I find out when the shows come to town? Thanks!
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