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why epson 3000 cancel print delay

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I'm wondering why it is so long to cancel deleting a print from an epson 3000 ? 4-6 minutes ?
I'm using ghostview and pJantoo rip driver.
I've try:
stopping the printer application with task manager (window XP pro)
try to shutdown the epson and restart
try all kind of combi like standby the print and delete etc

none as work ...got to cancel and wait !:confused:

any clue or workaround is welcome

thanks again
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I always found it quicker to let it finish printing!
I've tried all kind of thing , my latest try:
1-cancel the print in the print "monitor "
2- use the LF/FF button of the epson 3000 and pass a sheet a couple time
3- use the reset button
4- once the print deleted in the print app use the reset button again .

it seem the have worked one time :eek:
haven't been able to repeat successfully:rolleyes:

Take in mind that I'm using ghostview and a pjantoo rip driver to print from Window XP
Is anybody using another rip or software setup experience that same long cancel print delay ? with an epson 3000

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Ghostscript uses the Windows print driver
well , you're right ,
But since I select the pjannto RIP ps printer on print menu , I tought It was using a pjannto RIP driver...(who came from a previous trial installation )
It doesn't print without that pjannto ps printer...

- I'm selecting the pjanto ps printer in illustrator or photoshop print menu
-create a ps file that I open with ghostscript
-in ghost script I use the epson stylus COLOR 3000 ESC/P printer
...and print
Any clue to kill/abort a print from the print monitor ?
well it works but it's really slow... 5-6 min!!
kill from task manager won't work
turning off/on printer won't work either
In print "monitor" properties menu, I've try "print directly to the printer "option.. and other option there ...won't work

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