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Why does 1 of the Vastex E2000 units have "PRO" on it?

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I noticed one of the Vastex E2000 units is "PRO" while the others are not.

The 41/31 is labeled this while the larger and smaller units are not.

These have been out for a while, has anyone been using them?

Can't really find any reviews on LED exposure units save for the Starlight.

Looking to get a new one.

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Not sure if ours is a Pro or not but we have had an e2000 LED exposure unit about 3 years and as we grow I'm actually thinking about buying another one.
It's been consistent, reliable and very fast. it takes,one minute to make a screen with only 5 seconds of actual exposure.
We've done half tones on screens as high as 305 with great results.
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That's great to hear.

I was trying to decide between the smaller Starlight and getting a bigger Vastex. I would like to be able to expose larger screens for having a go at making posters.
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