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Why do vendors attend ISS if they won't sell to you?

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Picked up one of the catalogs we got at ISS this year and wanted to place an order.

'Oh, to set up an account, you need to talk to your rep'

Call the rep

'Oh, you need to talk to our sales guy for your area'

Call the sales guy and left a message, 3 times....

'Tell me about your business'

So I describe it

'Ok, we don't sell to those that don't have a storefront. Since you have one, you qualify, I will send you an application via email tomorrow'

A week later I leave 2 more messages

'Oh, XXX is close by you, do you do work for them?'
'Oh, I thought you did, if you did we can't sell to you'
I don't
'Ok, I will send the application to you. Did you get the catalog and price sheet I sent?'
'I will send another out tonight'

A week later still nothing. I call back once more and am told the application will be in my email tonight. That was last night. This morning, nothing. Tonight, nothing.

In the meantime I opened an account with a competitor of theirs and placed my order today.

So, Why do these guys even come to ISS if they don't want to sell to a legitimate retailer. Yes we are small but if you don't want to do small then say so and don't waste 3 weeks of my time.

Go figure.
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Likely he had another account in the area that they were working on getting, or is active and they asked for some type of informal area exclusive.
So you end up buying their product from someone else and sell it local. The local account still loses the business.

That's old time selling from old fart companies. They think they're protecting their business and the local retailer. However, we just buy something different from someone else and they slowly go away.

I hate companies like that.
What I don't understand is why a company like Holloway will set up my account in a day and someone who is much smaller won't take my business without just saying they don't want it.

At least New Era NEVER returned my calls and 511 referred me to a wholesaler (Krolls) to get their gear. But to be strung along for 3 weeks when I said 'I Have A Active Sale, I Need To Place An Order' is just bogus.

The product is an award jacket so we are not talking about a $5 shirt. These things are expensive and we have been trying to get into this market for 3 years and when we finally break in I have to deal with this.

These places beg you to talk to them at the show and afterwards it is 'eh, we don't care'. Well, I don't have time for that. If they want to only sell to big retailers, go ahead. Their customers come to us after they get burned by these guys.

Onward and Upward I say.
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The one thing that some companies just don't understand yet is that through the "miracle" of the web, competition is as easily found as a simple mouse click. This company is just plain stupid.

The old school ways might linger on for a few years, but in the meantime there are plenty of companies that want your business and will partner with you. The trick is just finding them.

Sorry, but I don't know anything about the award jacket business or I'd recommend someone.

Good luck,

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Thanks. We already ordered from Holloway.

These specialty companies that only do award jackets have regional and local reps and that is how they do business. If those guys drop the ball, that is it, they are out of luck.

Now we are a small player on the market for sure but we have companies like AT Designs that come and visit us and welcome us to visit their plant for a tour or the rep from Marco Awards Group stopping by 4 times a year even when they know how small we are. That is customer service and caring that we give to our customers and want from our vendors.

So at the next show when I see these bozo's and they again try to talk to me I will let them know I can't be bothered by such a small vendor. :)
so who was the company that you tried to buy from who gave you the run around. It would help incase I also have tried to get an account with them and either got it or not. I have only been denied once an account with a dist for medical clothing since they have a person in town who sells the stuff. No problem I have dicke's and Carhartt who also sell the same stuff and they will sell to me even though the same person in town sells the same things so I wasn't too PO about it. Hell I can even sell 5.11 and I order it from an ind carrier and the same person in town sells it also so I don't give 2 cents if I get an account or not with 5.11.
Working out the e-mail address system for a company is quite easy, so is finding out who the members of the Board/ Company Bigwigs/Company owner is.
Copy and post your Original Post and e-mail it to them, you will soon find out if the company gives cares about your situation or not.
They get a Darwin award.

They will be extinct soon, it's better that you found another source. :)
Can you tell me how you went about setting up an account with Carhartt? Thanks
Can you tell me how you went about setting up an account with Carhartt? Thanks
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