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why are some inks 100% cotton only?

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I just ran out of my white ink that can be used on 50/50 or 100 percent. I have 100 shirts that need to be done in a day and all i have is union ink's padm 1030 that they say is only for 100%. My question is why? Bleeding? I printed a test shirt with it and am washing it now to see if it holds up. If not, I guess I will send my wife on another 2 hour run to our closest supplier! If anybody knows, I would appreciate to be enlightened..thanks, dan

oh yeah, the shirts are 50/50
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Two hours away from your closest supplier of Ink, t-shirts or both? Are you allowed to switch the shirts to 50/50 or does it matter?
PADM series is opaque, you should be fine.
PADM series is opaque, you should be fine.
yeah, just took it out of the dryer and it looks fine to me...check with union though. it is listed as 100% only.....

and for the previous response...yes... 2 hrs from shirt and ink supplier. not my first choice on ink supplier...only in a jam..the worst customer service and multi-choice white...not real great..8 stroke stuff
If you have inks that say they are 100% cotton inks that means that there is no bleed resistance or the chemistry is not there to print on nylon. If you have a polyester that doesn't bleed (very rare or white in color) then the ink will adhere, but you don't have the risk of bleeding.

Erin is right, it is not necessarily the print opacity that is the issue, it is the bleed. You would not notice it immediately, it may take a day or a week, but the polyester dyes from the 50/50 garments (colors that is) will leech into the printed ink in time and distort the print...
Thank you...we made the trip to get the 50/50. Thanks to all!
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