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Who's got the best price on blank bandannas?

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I've got an order in-house for 12K black bandannas. Called wasatch they are at $.39 each. Anybody know of a better price?
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What is Wasatch?

I'm looking for bandanas (NOT 12k), and haven't been able to find better than about $.89 each. If even that.

Was the price quoted to you based on the quantity? Or....

Thanks in advance!! :)
I looked a lot of places last year and bought from Wasatch. With the free shipping on a relatively small amount and .39 it was pretty good.
So, 14x14--at that price...where do you get them, Brice?

And I still don't know what Wasatch is. :eek:
Website, please?

And yes, as far as bandannas go, SIZE does matter. LOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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