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Hi everyone!

I know this topic has been covered plenty of times before, however I have some specific questions that I'm trying to get answers to.

1. As a general question: I'm from Toronto (Scarborough to be exact) and I need a t-shirt supplier that is close by. I really do wish to pick up the shirts so I can cut shipping costs (most likely within the GTA area). I like the offers at BlankApparel.ca, but the shipping costs are maybe a tad high for me right now. I am a start up business, and will be pressing my own personal art on shirts. So I am presently focussed on smaller custom orders and therefore I would like to get my hands on wholesaler prices. I will deal with the 100s of orders as a seperate issue. I'm also looking for interesting shirt styles/ varieties, for instance the shirts offered by Gildan and Bella.

2. I was looking into Jerico products (Scarborough) and really love their look and colours. I have also heard alot of positives about their products. However, I have also heard that they do not give wholesaler prices to smaller start up businesses. Can anyone clarify this?

Thank you all in advance!

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