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Has any one used wholesaleDirectUSA

Now that I'm close to finishing my equipment builds I really would like to start gathering information on wholesale venders.

my uncle in law looked up a few sites and sent me this one WholsaleDirectUSA and I was wondering if anyone has used this place before and could give me some information on the brands and styles that are listed?

I haven not purchased any shirts yet but would love to have a place to start.
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If you search the forum for wholesaledirectusa you'll find a few of the brands they carry and people's experience using them.

I think I remember purchasing a few t-shirts from them a few years ago. From what I remember they were the longer, thicker kind of t-shirts.

There are tons of great blank t-shirts wholesalers out there. It really depends on what you're looking for.
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I was starting to give up hope that anyone had and was going to toss it up as a bogus site thanks a lot.
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