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wholesale t-shirts

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I am new to this whole t-shirt printing and I am looking to buy t-shirts (preferably hanes) to do designs on. Any place I could get shirts in bulk order? I am in the south central PA area. Thanks in advance
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One way is to contact the manufacturer (Hanes) and ask for a distributor in the area, some may list distributors on their website.

BlankShirts.com - Wholesale Name Brand T-Shirts and Apparel has some Hanes shirts, I haven't ordered from them, but I seem to recall hearing some good things about them on the forums. Other than that, not recalling any Hanes wholesalers off the top of my head.
I would recommend www.alphashirt.com. They ship from Harrisburg.
Alpha Shirt - PA- 800-523-4585 www.alpahshirt.com
Broder - PA 800-521-0850 www.broderbros.com
Bodek and Rhodes - Phili 800-877-9911 www.bodekandrhodes.com
SanMar - Cranberry, NJ 800-426-6399 www.sanmar.com
Atlantic Coast Cotton - Gainesville, VA 800-262-5660 www.accinfo.com (check if one day ship first)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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