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Wholesale t-shirts between 5.5 and 6.1 ounces

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My partner and I are a new fashion company located in New York. We design t-shirts for a particular urban subculture and we're looking for a t-shirt manufacturer in the U.S. that makes quality blank t-shirts that are 5.5-6.1 ounces. A company other than Gildan, Jerzees, Anvil, Hanes, ect. that maybe even makes organic cotton t-shirts.
We would appreciate any information on any companies that could meet our needs other than the ones I listed. Thank you.
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I have spent the better part of today researching Made in the USA brands today.

Platinum Sportswear - Norcross, GA-Made in the USA T-Shirts

They're affordable wholesale (like about $1 more than a comparable made in somewhere I can't pronounce).

Organic Cotton T Shirts - Welcome to SOS From Texas

They have organic tees. I really like the idea. But very very very limited colors (six colors...no true white).

ONNO bamboo, hemp and organic t-shirts

I just got mine via DHL yesterday. Wow, they do feel nice. But expect to pay more. These aren't cheap like $2 Hanes shirts. I like the combination of made in US/Canada + organic.

I found a few more via: American Made Products and/or Services Made in USA and U.S. Stuff Home- Made in USA Products, Assembled in USA Products, usstuff.com and Clothes Made in the USA

However, these were the most affordable. The majority of shirts I make I end up giving away (boy, this heat press is putting me into the poor house). Right now the main plan is to use the Platinum for my regular and Onno as my upsells. I will stress to people the MADE IN THE USA part.
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