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wholesale of blank hoodies !!!

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hello everyone ,
I am looking for a nice quailty blank hoodies for men and women , but i want it exact or close to hollister hoodies .

if you know any please help me out . thanks :)
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what are some of the features of a hollister hoodie that you like?
Im guessing those are special cut and manufactured so I dont think you will get an exact.
hello jerico ,
I would like features like this for example on this link if you click on you will see one of the examples :

Hollister Co. > Dudes > Fleece > Venice Beach

if you can't see it , please click on Dudes - Tops - Fleeces - then it will be the second one from your left hand the greenish one .

and also in the same page the 3rd one from your left called China Cove .

these are the onces I really want .

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Those Hollister ones look cosy :) What weight are they?
you know Jerico if you can get it then this what i exactly I need :

Men : 100 exactly like Scripps Pier (colors : navy and dark olive) (mix sizes) here is the link to it :

Hollister Co. > Dudes > Fleece > Scripps Pier

Women : 100 exactly like Orange County (color : cream and light pink) and (mix sizes) here is the link to it :

Hollister Co. > Bettys > Fleece > Orange County
How many pieces are you after, if it in bulk then have it custom made
Go to mybluebazaar.com
They have hanes zipper and pullover hoodies.i bought from them last week and i paid 8 dollar each.im buying blank tshirts from this company and im happy.same hoodies on ebay 10-13 dollar but on mybluebazaar 8 -9 dollars
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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