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Ok, here is my question. I am doing team uniforms for various baseball football and high school team sports. I'm purchaing wholesale from the usual suspects for my uni's, like teamwork athletic, etc...However, I was wondering how i could manufacture my own uniforms? There are one or two vendors out in my area that do this and they have dominated the market. I can't compete with them becauset hey are able to produce a jersey for much cheaper than i am able to buy wholesale...What steps should I take to start my own team uniform line? I'm talking specifically baseball and maybe football later...I would be interested in having a company produce the uniforms and me just slapping my label on them at first but eventually moving on to designing my uniforms and having someone manufacture them. There seems to be a lot of these type of companies for tees but I dont know of any info available for team uniforms? Anyone have any thoughts?
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