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Wholesale Accounts

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I am needing advice on setting up my wholesale accounts. What I would like to do, is list the apparel options on my website, so that customers can research the brand, style, and fabric quality they want. Then, once they make all the decisions, they submit their order details for a quote. Then, once the quote is sent and the order is confirmed, I place the apparel order with my chosen wholesaler. I am a small start up, one man (woman) shop, and this seems like the smartest financial move at the moment. I do not want to buy bulk of anything, until I see what sells the most, and how business is moving for me. so, my question is, how do I do this??? Can I set up wholesale accounts even though I haven't taken any orders yet? I want to be ready when i get my first order. I will have a minimum order of 20-25 shirts per customer order; therefore, I will at least be placing orders of 20-25 shirts (most likely more), each time with the wholesaler. I know that the more you order, the lower the price, and once I get rolling, I plan to do just that. I would really appreciate assistance with this matter, before contacting any wholesalers. Thank you!
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as long as you have a business number you should be good to go for wholesale accounts

most major wholesalers will have website templates with their catalogue,
you just decide what products and what price

ask around at what the wholesalers offer in this vein
There is no time limit that I know of after signing up for an account to place an order.
Shipping, more so than any quantity discount, is more often the main cost concern. Most places offer free shipping starting with a $200 order, some with a $150 order. Alpha Broder has Flex FedEx shipping for $5 (you have to pick the package up from your local FedEx store; and to see this option at checkout you need to have a credit card associated with your account). Else, minimum shipping cost typically runs from the mid to high teens, or low 20s by the time you actually have some shirts in the box, so shipping alone can come out to around $1 each if you don't hit the free shipping threshold or do Alpha's Flex FedEx.

If you have a local supplier, seriously consider offering only what they stock.

And a word of warning. Manufacturers and distributors both make changes to what they carry. Change is constant. If you carry inventory, it may become orphaned without a practical source to replenish depleted sizes/colors.
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