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I'm selling my screen printing equipment. My business is changing our approach to production so I will no longer be needing it. I have been printing full scale production on these pieces for 7 years and they are still running strong.

Included is everything needed for a full scale setup. I would rather sell this equipment as a single unit. List of equipment is below with prices. Asking $5000 for all of it. Emailing me is quickest at [email protected]

screen printing equipment
Hopkins Intl. 4/4 press 1050
(2x) flash units 100
Heat presses (hat and apparel) 400
Harco Apparel Dryer 2500
screens 250
Epson 1400 film printer w/refill carts. 250
Oki Dye Sub. Printer 200
Atlas Exposure Unit 700
Sprayout booth and powerwasher 250
squeegies and knives 25
addl. Press pallets and parts 100
apparel carts, tables, shelves 50
industrial size fan 100

Vinyl Equipment
Master Vinyl plotter 24" 300
PC with necessary software 100
Vinyl speed press 100
Light tables (2) 150
Vinyl tools, rollers, etc. 100
PC computer 50

Office Equipment

filing cabinets 50
shelves/desks 50

Apparel Stock 100
Plasticol inks 100
press and reclaim chems 25
Vinyl material (scrim and pressure) 250
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