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Hi, I hope this post is not completely out of place since I didn't find anything comparable on the forum...but I'll try anyway!

I was wondering if there's anyone in London who'd be interested in sharing their studio/(manual)screen printing facilities with me!?
I'm planning to set up a t-shirt business and eventually my own studio but the space still needs to be renovated, so in the meantime, i.e. over the summer I was hoping to find somewhere to start and build up some experience, try different designs etc. All I'd need are the basic facilities, exposure unit, baker etc and a place to store my own usables and screens. I'd also need a t-shirt carousel or I could get my own provided there's enough space to use and store it!
I'm very easygoing, reliable, tidy... I completed a course in textile printing at the London Printworks Trust so I know about the basics but I'm always willing to learn and will be open for all advice - your studio - your rules :)

Maybe you can help? Or you know someone who might? please let me know the approximate location and how much you'd charge on a monthly/daily basis!

Many thanks!!! Joejoe
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