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I usually get my shirts through Printful, but this Chistmas I wanted to make some custom shirts to give as gifts.

The problem is that one was an X-Files shirt, one a Nirvana shirt, one an Alice in Chains shirt, and another was another less famous band shirt.

For what it's worth all the designs themselves were hand drawn by me.

It was only going to cost me $36 including priority mail shipping. That's quite a good deal for four shirts. Printful gives amazing discounts for sample orders, and also has cheap blanks.

But they shut me down this time. And I'm sad. All I wanted was some cheap custom shirts.

So seeing how these are Christmas gifts, and I myself drew them, anyone out there with a nice DTG printer want to make these for me?

Two are black shirts with only white ink, two are white shirts with only black ink.

All of them are size medium.

Please let me know if you want to make them for me, and if you can do so on the cheap. Like I said, I would've gotten all these awesome shirts for only $36. I'm not willing to pay much more than that. Not that I don't appreciate the work involved, I know it requires time and energy, and resources. The thing is, I just don't care that much enough to spend that much for this project.

I need them very soon as Christmas is coming up, and these need to mailed.


Alternately, if you know a company that would do this sort of thing, that is hand drawn images that have hand drawn band names on them, etc. that would be cool to know.
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