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Who, ME, that's who!

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Amazing the information available at your fingertips! Of course I'm new to this Forum, but first my congratulations to the Developer(s) & Moderators. A-1 initial welcome and wonderfully moderated site!

Hats off to all the individual members of this site, you all appear to stick to the points of the topics.

As for me, I'm a 52 year young alpha male, retired military and have spent the last 13 years working in a close custody correctional facility housing @ 1000 inmates. I spent the first 10 years in custody in direct contact with the inmates as an officer and shift sergeant. These last 3 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to develop, plan and institute commercial embroidery for the State of North Carolina. This has been accomplished with the aid of many individuals, un-countable hours of research on the web, direct instruction & training by the instructors provided by the supplier of our embroidery machines and software, at the top of this list is my wife of 31 years, without her Love and unfailing Support this would not have been accomplished.

For those who have read this far you may be wondering what does "Flint54" mean or stand for. Well I'm sure that one of these days down the road I may very well leak out this information in one of the posts, so, you now have a reason to read my posts in the future.

Seriously, It is a pleasure to be one of the New Members at this Forum.

God Bless, Thru Him All Things Are Possible.
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Thanks for your service, welcome aboard!!
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