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who has the best product support and will help with technical questions

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I have been looking at Stahls and Imprintables as well as Joto Paper, for my vinyl cutter and heat press. Any thoughts about who will back their product and be willing to help this newbie with technical issues??? Software issues etc. etc. Anyone else I should be considering??? I'm in Alaska so somewhere one the west coast would be preferable but not necessary. Thanks to all in advance. Michael
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Brian I am curious, are you a distributor for Saga or connected with them?

As to the OP's question, I have used Stahls,imprintables (which is a part of Stahls )and Joto and have not had any problems with either of them. Joto is the closest to you as they are in WA. Also Wellington House is an affiliant or part of Stahls and is located in Seattle I think. Stahls also has a nice discount for online orders, but I don't think Wellington house does.
Brian Thanks for the response. Did you know that you can add your URL or website or company in your signature block and advertise your company without violating forum rules on self promo?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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