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I am considering buying the Epson Workforce 7720 and I have ONE question:

Does this printer/driver allow for increased ink density or are there settings where I can make it lay down a thicker coat of ink and maybe slow down the print speed to ensure that the ink dries between passes?

I need a hefty layer of ink on my photos and graphics as they will be sublimated onto soft stretchy fabric and I need a lot of saturation into the substrate so it doesn't look too faded when the fabric gets stretched out. I am recovering from a broken print head on an Epson 4880 which does have ink density increase in the driver, but I like the 7720 because of the lower price.


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Of course, all inkjets come with various settings that allows for more ink output. using high release paper like Texprint will also help.

The higher your ink output setting the slower your page will print. If it's still not completely dry when it comes out, then simply print 1 page at a time and remove the printed page before printing another.

Just know, more ink does not guarantee you'll get coverage into deeper areas of your garment. Pre-stretching prior to pressing will help. But just a little.
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