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Who does this company use for their shirts?

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Two questions:
  1. Who does this company get their shirts from or do you think they get them made. I have some and they feel much better than AA shirts and have a bigger fit. Red Jacket Shop I am referring to the Brass Tacks ones.
  2. Where can I find good neon colored blanks for 80's style tees?
Thanks guys!
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The tag should have an RN#. Enter it into this database, and if you're lucky, it will return the supplier: https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/TextileRN/wrnquery$.startup

Otherwise, it's impossible to know, unless Red Jacket tells you.
Wes, if you can describe what kind of blank garment you are looking for, people might be able to give you some recommendations for some garments to check out. Let us know what weight, what type of fabric, what type of cut, stuff like that.
  1. The shirts for the Red Jacket question unfortunately didn't have an RN#. Oh well, I just love the way those shirts fit and feel more than anything I have tried on. Most of the "higher-quality" blanks I have tried on seem to be thin and too tight. I'm not a big guy either, 5'11" 175lbs. I usually try on XLs to, but I just like my shirts a little loose, not long, just not so form fitting.
  2. As for the neon blank tees, just something similar to a Gildan or Hane's beefy t. These will be used for 80's themed parties, so just regular quality shirts would do the trick, just don't know where to look.
Just wanted to say thanks again. I started reading this forum a few months ago and have gained the majority of my knowledge from here. Really appreciate how everyone goes out of their way to answer questions for one another. If someone could help with the neon blanks question, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks again, I look forward to being able to help answer questions once I learn more.
My favorite medium priced blank tee is the Jerzees Zt (18ZR). It is more than the typical Gildan or Haynes, but it is a super soft heavyweight shirt. I am actually wearing one right now. It is not a slim cut at all, actually it is kind of a large cut, but it is shaped and not boxy.

You could look on the Jerzees site for a wholesaler with a warehouse near you. Whatever wholesaler you find will very likely have lot of other brands as well.
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