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Who can print Larger Films!?

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Hey guys, I have about 17 screens that I need to be printed as positives for films. The artwork is all sized in PDF formats and ready to go but my screenprinter can only print films 11x17 and alot of these prints are 12x12 or 11.5x13...

Is anyone here able to print all these films for a decent price? please email me [email protected]. This is kind of an urgent situation -- i promised 2 week turnaround on 2000 shirts and need to get films to my printer asap.

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I have an 18" wide imagesetter if you are in a bind, but it costs more than a regular inkjet film.
I may be able to help!

before i got my printer i would run to kinkos and have them print my larger prints. they were cheaper than my printing supply guy. Also see if your printer can print the images in tiles.
i LOVE these forums!!! You guys rock. Seriously!
if you are still looking for someone ill do it free of charge..... been in that situation
I am definitely not asking for free..willing to pay :) thank you so much for your offer!
What frickin Kinkos do u guys go to cuz NONE of them in my area do anything but 8.5x11" prints.

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if you still need a film service..I have a epson r1900 13 x 19 max print size ... pm me if needed

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