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Who actually accepts sales and collects money at tradeshows?

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So my question is who actually sells & collects money at tradeshows? It seems to me the majority of companies use trade shows for lead capturing. Yet I would think there is a big market for actual selling. Am I wrong?

So does anyone here actually sell and collect money at shows? If so, what software or how do you manage the selling process, customer tracking, and money collection (cash, CC processing)?

Thanks for the insights!!

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When I have attended ISS and NBM trade shows for our industry, the rhinestone suppliers and embroidery patch suppliers are usually selling rhinestone designs and patches right on the floor. I know for sure because my wife hits me up for money to buy their stuff.
Quickbooks has a merchant services program called Go Payment. It's totally mobile using your iPhone or other phones. I just purchased a card swiper for my iPhone too. With Go Payment I can get an app for my iPhone that lets me swipe the card, send a receipt by text or email to the buyer, and even keep track of whatever inventory I set up inside of the program. I can go online anytime and look at what I've sold on any given day, what items, etc. I think this is going to work very well at events and it is simple.
It depends on the show. Some shows do not allow any on the floor selling. In this case, you take orders and payment and then ship to the customer later. And some shows allow money exchanges, in which case you can contact your merchant account provider and see if they offer any payment solutions for trade shows (almost all do). good luck!
Andreea is right, most trade shows don't allow you to exchange payments on the exhibit floor. Most consumer shows do.
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