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Whites not printing smooth

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I just recently took over the DTG part of the company I work for, I'm brand new to this and haven't had the chance to work with anyone extremely experienced in the craft. I was curious if anyone could help me figure out why my whites aren't printing smooth.

I have my pretreatmaker 3 set at bi directional vol 1 with the preasure at +25%
the heat press for the pretreat is set to 330 degrees for 45 seconds
and the final press is set to 356 however i ususally hover it for around 3-5 minutes instead of pressing either way seems to get the same almost grainy result

https://i.imgur.com/w56fXIP.jpg - a link to an image of one of the shirts (sorry for the poor quality was taken with my phone)

thank you all in advance
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I think the case is the garment you print on. It has a fat stitch. It's hard to achieve (or even impossible) to get solid white on the roughly woven garments because the PT is sinking into the "holes" between the stitch.

Try to print on some smooth surface and you will see the difference.
yeah that was what was frustrating me the most about this issue is we have another client that gets shirts done daily and I've never had this problem with his shirts, thank you for your input
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