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I am not a heat press owner.

I know my Epson 1280 doesn't come with white ink.
Can you print vivid colors along with the color white using a heat press ?

I assume you could possibly get that color by having an opaque transfer or something.

This is one thing that concerns me about buying a heat press. Can anyone post examples ?

That would be cool.
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Here is an example of plastisol hotsplit transfers with white ink.


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Can you print vivid colors along with the color white using a heat press ?
You can "make t-shirts with vivid colors" using a heat press, but you can't print t-shirts with the press.

Like the sample that David posted above, plastisol transfers are a good way to get vibrant colors using a heat press.

Plastisol transfers aren't printed with your printer at home though; they are actually screen printing ink done by a screen printer, printed on transfer paper so they can be pressed on the shirt with a heat press.

Opaque transfer paper can be used to print on dark shirts, but the quality isn't as good as a plastisol printed transfer.

Here's a big long thread with more information on plastisol transfers:
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