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White vs Brown Teflon Sheets

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My heat press came with an awesome white Teflon sheet (at least that's what Amazon says it is). I ordered 2 extras from another site and they were brown and glossy. They don't leave that fiber imprint on the vinyl the way I like it. They just make it look shiny :(.

I really need to order another white one like the one I received with my heat press. Do you know what I am talking about? When you use it, it kind of creates fiber markings on the vinyl so it looks like the vinyl is part of the fabric/shirt.

Since I am in Germany, I prefer to order on Amazon so it can be shipped to my house easily. If anyone could point me to the right product. It's hard to tell which ones are just glossy and which are the nicer sheets :confused: .

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i would recommend using parchment paper and doing a second 10 second press after removing the carrier sheet
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