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White Toner Not Sticking to Shirts (OKI c711wt); Image Clip Light/Dark

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Hi there, I have an OKI c711wt printer- just getting started. I'm using Image Clip Light/Dark depending on my shirts and have tried everything I can find and think of to adjust the temp, pressure, time, for the transfers and pressing it onto the shirts but no matter what I do the white toner does not stick to the shirts (using a 50/50 cotton-poly blend that works perfectly with all the other colors and transfers I've ordered from Transfer Express). I've adjusted the density on the printer, I've called OKI Data and made sure my settings are right for the image and paper so I don't think it's that. I have also tried Forever Laser Dark (the no-cut, low temp) and that one works really well but I can't get the Image Clip light or dark paper to work with the white toner. Please help! Thank you

- Please see the pictures I attached- the Forever Laser Dark (purple shirt) worked really well (the spots at the top are just from some extra toner that was on the print; the extra toner has been cleaned off the printer)
The Image Clip transfers were used on the pink shirts


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