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White QCM 158 on 100% Poly

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Anybody ever use QCM's White 158 on 100% poly (navy)?

I've got some One Stroke athletic white on hand but it is very difficult to work with and I doubt there'd be enough for the entire job. I'm trying to save some lost time by printing a poly job on Sunday which includes white numbers on navy shirts.
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I think if you print enough ink (thick ink deposit) and don't overcure, you might be ok. It's navy, so it won't bleed as badly as red, green or royal. If you get your cure temp just right, you won't run into the typical problems. The 158 is a low bleed ink, but it's not their lowest bleed option. Most ink manufacturers will tell you not to use a standard low bleed on 100% poly and probably for good reason, so do it at your own risk.
Thanks Alan.

I was trying to save time over the weekend but thought better of it. These are customer supplied Nike shirts/shorts. Add to that the on again/off again troubles I'm having with my dryer... I think it's in my best interest to order some poly ink.
When I do 100% poly I use either Wilflex PolyWhite or their Athletic Trophy White. Both work good on 100% polyester and have little to no bleed when cured properly.

I can't speak for the QCM as I've never used it, but I can say that I've never had a problem with the Wilflex. Not sure if that helps you much.
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Thanks andrew. I picked up some QCM Poly 170. I'm confident it will get the job done properly as long as my dryer behaves itself.:)
Use iron on numbers...save yourself a lot of grief next time.
I can't use iron on #'s when clients expect screen printed #'s.

For future reference, how well do iron ons work on dark colored micro-mesh poly?
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