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Hi. I have a hp 5550dtn (refurbished) and use Magic Touch textile light paper on Gildan white Tees. over the last few days, the prints are coming out a pale yellow-grey colour on the white areas (also on coloured areas but you don't see this) This doesn't matter on a full-colour square print as I can cut off all the dirty white, but on a design that has a lot of white background, such as an image with words underneath, it's no good as you can see it on the T shirt. This is happening on plain paper too, so it's not the magic touch paper that's faulty. This yellow-grey is all over the whole paper, not just the design. It's happening on A3 as well as A4. On the A3 prints, we're also getting a 3cm wide horizontal band of a slightly more concentrated colour printed on the back. We have resorted to having the affected designs printed up at our local printers which is losing us money. We have recently changed all our toner cartridges and wondered if it was this, but when we put back our old ones (with about 10% left) the problem didn't go away. If you compare the paper as it comes out of the printer to a clean sheet, you can see the difference. The "white" areas on the printed sheet are slightly darker. Any advice appreciated, but I'm new and not very technically-minded so be gentle with me!
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