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White printing as black

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I have been trying to print a white mask for several days. I can't seem to figure out the issue with the printer. I had a T-Jet 2 and it worked fine. I'm thinking that there is an issue with the rip software. I am using DTG RIP pro V.03. When I set the printer to print the white mask only, it prints black only. And when I tell it to print to passes of white, it prints two passes of white. It is so frustrating!! Any help would be much appreciated!!

I have $1000 of ink and am wasting it trying to get the darn white to print. Thanks.
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In advanced options, are you selecting "Color Layer Auto-Mask"? Then in Media Type select Black Cotton.
The White Mask Layer can not be used by itself. It has to be used in conjunction with Color Layer.
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