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So I will detail everything I have done, because everyone around me agrees it stems with the pretreat, however It never used to happen.

I will pretreat a black tee - (I have tried varying amounts to see if any difference occurs, but nothing, gone as low as a white tee amount)

stick it down the tunnel dryer, comes out fine, no lines no nothing - However when It comes out of the printer the lines are there (To the left and right of the design as well as along the top (where the pretreat was placed, though not along the bottom!)

I did manage to solve it for the last couple of months, by pretreating the tee, then using my little swing press at 356 degrees F. I would press on this then print, then stick down the tunnel dryer. Absolutely perfect - However this product has been replaced 4 times due to faulty wiring, and therefore not a longterm solution!

I have tried a large clam press, same temperature and high pressure, however the lines start appearing again.

I do think the lines are white ink, though I am not sure how to stop it, do DTG printers have a light layer of white ink mist go down?? At one point I put paper strips where the lines appeared, this only moved the lines to where the paper wasn't (closer to the print) - so I assume the whole area is slightly white, but the edge lines are only visible as it is the border between the white ink area and the black tee.

Has anyone got any ideas? I want to use the tunnel dryer to be honest, but not sure how to prevent this!

I have a brother GTX printer and a schulze pretreat machine!


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