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White ink problem

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I got married and went on my honeymoon July 17th and have not run my T-Jet 2. Today August 24, 2010 (over a month later), I went to get the T-jet 2 set back up to run again. Before I left I did do a proper flush with cleaning fluid etc. Well today I went to shake the white ink bottles in the bulk in system and the white bottles had a thick settlement on the bottom of the bottles. I went and grabbed a water bottle since I threw out the white ink bottle and rinsed the bottle out with distilled water. I then shook the bulk ink bottles like crazy then pored the white ink into the water bottle. I have about 1/2 a bottle of white ink in there. I took the bulk ink bottles and washed then out under the tap and then filled each bulk ink bottle with cleaning fluid and shook them. I then hooked up a syringe where you normally hook the hose to the printer and kept forcing cleaning fluid in and out of the bottle to clear out the tube build onto the bottle. Now I'm going to take the bulk ink bottles and rinse them out one more time with distilled water and put them back onto the T-Jet 2.

My questions are: A little distilled water on the sides of the bottle mixed with the ink won't hurt anything will it? The white ink that I saved from the bottles is it safe to pour back into the bulk ink system and use it? The reason I ask about the ink is because the stuff that settled was washed down the drain, I am hoping that what ever the settlement was isn't needed to be in the ink.

I do have a brand new bottle of white ink. Now if the ink only cost $10.00 or $20.00 a bottle then I would dump that other ink but it cost $139.00 and I can't afford to do that. Thanks for any help.
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If the ink settled and started seperating, you are better/safer to dispose of it and start with a known good batch of white ink.
I agree..did you say you used tap water and cleaning solution together?? or just tap water to rinse out the bottles??
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