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So after my last job with white ink I thought I had a handle on my Neo, only to be blindsided by bad prints. This is the "best" print I had all day.

Environment: Black/Dark Hi-Res

- My Feed Adjustment setting was GREAT on the last job, and it's terrible on this job.
- My black ink is running into the highlight white that is being laid down.
- Solid colors are very blotchy and in some parts, dots where no CMYK ink stuck (not like when fibers stick up after the white layer prints)

I've attached photos.

This shirt even had MORE pretreat than the others and the white ink soaked through to the front of the shirt ONLY on this print.

I'm just about ready to give up on this machine - TIGERS are always helpful, but it's difficult to diagnose problems over the phone or by photos (especially bad photos like the one's I've attached, sorry in advance.)

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I'm not sure if it is completely me, the art file, or part my machine but I'm about ready to run it over with my truck.

Help is VERY appreciated.


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the shirt you are printing on has some poly in it, and it's a lighter shade, so you can back off of the amount of white ink used. the bleeding is occurring from the hightlight white and the black ink, so you could add a "blank" outline between the white and the black areas. something so small that it wouldn't show, but enough to provide a barrier. since you are printing in hi-res (white ink @ 1440x1440), you could try changing the white underbase to 1440x720. this should give you plenty of coverage on this color of shirt, and it shouldn't bleed. those blotches are pretty minor, and could just be random. either the ink is sticking to the paper, so it is an isolated fiber.

the feed adjust issue could be the shirt swelling with the amount of white ink being used. so it's causing the white ink to "creep" out a bit. backing off on the amount of white ink may fix most of your issues.
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