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White Ink Nozzle Check Question

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Hi All,

Just a quick question about the nozzle check on the Neoflex.

I had a minor head strike which I have cleaned, and sorted the print head for the most part, and all is good apart from some very minor sections of the white ink pattern in a nozzle check.

Basically, 1 horizontal section (about 3 mm wide) and another 2 sections of another channel are not printing.

The prints look fine, but it bugs me that I know they are not working.

I don't really want to get into a waterfall or taking the head apart situation unless I really have to, especially as the prints still look fine, but I was wondering how much of a print is actually affected by each one of these tiny nozzle print sections?

Thank you!
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I don't completely trust nozzle checks. The nozzle check itself isn't a lot of ink, so partial clogs don't appear. A perfect nozzle check is not enough -- the prints themselves have to look great. Also, a nozzle check at the end of the day (before an F1 clean) is important to me.

Still, if nozzles aren't firing, it's a concern. White ink doesn't really seem to easily unclog itself, and I always worry about particulates accumulating in the printhead over time, turning a small problem into a big one when you need every nozzle firing.

What steps did you take to clean the head after the head strike?
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