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White Ink looks Rough/Bumpy AFTER Drying

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Newbie question ..

Basically .... white ink on black shirt is going onto the conveyor dryer looking great - coming out rough and bumpy (similar to how white ink looks on a shirt when the ink hasn't been reduced or mixed well)

Design: Two horizontal white stripes, one about 3" wide, the other about an inch and a half. About 13" long. There's a green pocket logo with a white board and white text.

Ink: Ryonet white, 8 - 10% reducer, mixed by drill for about 5 minutes.
Base looks good, flashing is great - real good print, until it comes out of the dryer. The problem is only with the white ink, not the green.

Shirt: Anvil 5.3 cotton

We've printed white on ink before with great success. The designs, though, we're much more detailed. I suspect the problem is that the white stripes cover so much area that it's creating the drying issue.

Thank you!
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It could be your off-contact and/or your screen tension, squeegee angle...
Yes, you're right, with a larger area of coverage which also means that your ink will take more to fully cure, your conveyor temp and belt speed could factor in too.
Could you post a pic ?
Check that you off-contact is not too low and the screen can come away from the ink cleanly.
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