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White ink comes out rough...

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White ink comes out rough... I'm printing on 100% cotton t-s... union ink, 110 screen (new), Hix 6color 6 station manual, P-F-P, the white usually comes out rough. I've enough off contact and the screen is clean after each pull and does not stick to the shirt, the shirt is stuck to the platen with enough adhesive...

any ideas???

I have a fix for it after the fact (use my heat press at 310 deg, med pressure, 7 sec., but would like to be able to not do that extra step...
Thanks, Latitude42

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R u using the Union Ink the diamond white? Have u tried to give it another stoke?
Union ink, makopake white, print, flash, print...
I can tell you white ink is a pain to print. 110 mesh will work fine...you have to push hard to get the ink thru the screen, and make sure the screen pops up and is clear of ink or when you flash...the fibers that are sticking up will freeze and the second coat will be rough.
try to use softee base to lighten up your white so its not as sticky and thick
It looks like you are pushing the ink into the fibers of the shirt. try a good sharp squeegee and increase your off contact and try not to push the ink into the shirt and lay the ink on top of the shirt instead.
mix your ink with a drill and mixer for about 15 mins. need tight screens and less pressure.
We always have some problems printing with white ink as well. We use Wilflex Bright Tiger, so I am not familiar with the ink you use. The 110 mesh seems good. I'm not sure on the newton value of it though. The higher the better. Also, you said the shirt is on the platen and not moving so that's good as well.

When our white comes out rough, we'll change the speed and pressure of the squeegee. That usually solves the problem. Just have to play with it. A faster squeegee usually works better for us on 110. We have to slow down a lot for 195 and up. May try flooding one way and screen printing the other as well. If this does't work, you might try adding a soft hand clear to your ink to make it a little more runny. That works for us as well.
Thanks... I'll try less pressure and if that doesn't do it, I'll try the softner... I already flood on the back stroke and have tried new squeegee... I have a couple hundred to print tonight so we'll see how it goes...
try a sharp squegee......use a push stroke...and here is a tip i have been doing to get a nice smooth white....take the tub of ink and let it sit in hot water for a few minutes to soften it up a bit...works for me.

take the tub of ink and let it sit in hot water for a few minutes to soften it up a bit...works for me.
Never even thought of that. Seems like a great idea!
Use push stroke instead of pull stroke. Angle the squeegee just enough so the wall of the squeegee doesn't touch the screen. Best to keep it slightly less than 90 degrees if you can. Two strokes should be good enough. For low bleed white do a slooooow stroke.
Good to hear I am not the only one experiencing this. Good suggestions too!
All great ideas...

what worked was... print- print- flash... not print- flash -print...

seems the first pull would raise the fibers into the ink ( I tried more and less force with no luck) and then I was locking the fibers up with the falsh, when I did two pulls then a flash, the second pull layed the fibers back down in a bed of ink.. presto!!!
I tried the push stroke also, no difference...
Latitude 42
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Thank you for letting us know what worked and what didn't!
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