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White ink and pre treament

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I have a 1 year old Bother GT-3 with 2 white heads. Bought the machine with the thoughts of running my smaller screening orders on the machine. But between the inconsistent per-treament spray and the white in as well not being bright..machine is almost useless for that. The quality is just not here. Nozels have been replaced on the pre treat 2 times now and still cloggy. I might print 1 a week and I try to gang jobs up. But has been a struggle and I am stuck with a lease....would love to not have this system. Definitely not working for me. Is it just me for not using the machines enough? IS the Brother more consistent the more it get used? So far I have not had an really high quality prints on dark shirts.
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the more you print with it the better it is going to be. HOWEVER, its always sketchy as f***. but seriously, print more.
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