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white fibres coming through my heat transfer? pilling?

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Sorry the pictures aren't clear, 200°C for 30 seconds, parchment paper, and a 5 second pre press, I get these white flecks of fabric showing through my transfer which ends up making the design look rough. My paper is jpss, and I do a fairly smooth hot peel, I read a lint brush before hand could help? Or maybe a press after I peel the transfer off?

Any help is much appreciated!!


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Try adjusting the pressure on your press. Could be too much or too little. 30 sec. is about right. Also, a lint brush may help, or it could be the type of material of the shirt.
They're gildan heavy weight, which I've heard good things from, I might try washing them before I press
Washing them before printing shouldn't be necessary. It has to be an application issue.
A lint roller will help get rid of the lint on top of the shirt. Also 200C is too hot. Try 175C.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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