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White borders on right hand side of the print

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Hi everyone,

I have an older TexJet Plus with an extremely annoying issue which I can't seem to diagnose. Any tips or thoughts on what the issue might be will be extremely useful.

Everytime I print on a black T-Shirt the white ink on the right hand side of the T-Shirt is always slightly out of line from the coloured ink. Causing white borders on certain prints and completely wrong colours on others like the one attached. You can see the dots on the left hand side are coloured fine but on the right hand side you can see spots of white where its out of line.

Image here: https://www.domingo.co/20180430_233449textjet.jpg

Any ideas on what this could possibly be?
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You should always make the white mask smaller than the print so you don't get this issues. Another thing can be that the rim that holds the tshirt on the platter is not tight enough and the tshirt gets released ever so slightly.
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