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White blanks - Vintage "off white look"?

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Hey guys,

I'm interested in making some vintage looking white t's. I'm going to a yellowy/off white look that loses that bright-white colour most blanks have. Is there anywhere that does these or a certain way I can achieve this. I'm wanting to put out some vintage style white's but AA, AS Colour etc are way too bright white for me.

Help would be really appreciated so please take the time to help me out, thanks heaps in advance :) Look forward to any possible help!
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If you check out SoCal Blanks - Premium Garment Dye Shirts, they do speciality washes on blanks to give them unique looks.
The forum tees from the last contest seemed kinda off white.
You are looking for tee's with the "natural" color, they are unbleached so it has the tanish look to it and arnt super bright.
You can use white blanks and look up dye techniques on the internet and experiment a bit with a few things and colour fastness.

Or, as Eli mentioned, look for t shirts made of unbleached cotton.
try SanMar's natural color tee shirts. They will send you samples cheap once you have an account. they're a really nice color, soft and pale, but not white.
J. America makes a real nice vintage tee. We just recently ordered a sample in vintage steel. I'm not sure what the white actually looks like, but the vintage steel is pretty nice looking.

J.America Blanks


They will also do custom colors for you but you have to do high volume (over 700 pieces I think). It's a really nice tee though. The best vintage men's tee I've seen for price.
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