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which type of printing is the best?

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We have purchased a Direct to Garment printer. Is there another type as in sublimation or a
forever soft flex that would be another addion to the business?
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Every print method has some merit. Oviousley owning a dtg printer makes some methods unecessary (laser/inkjet transfers for example).
What is you target market? If you want to produce high volume designs at a competitive price then you need to add screen printing - although this can be a messy process to have alongside a dtg setup. It is still the cheapest method for high volume simple designs.

Solvent/eco solvent has a place if you print a lot of workwear or teamwear. Embroidery also.

Sublimation can be a cheap addition and is good for sportswear and is also about the easiest way to print onto safety green and safety orange polyester.

Most shops will always find room for htv.
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