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Which transfer paper to use

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Me and my wife are trying to start a business. We have purchased a cameo 3 and a epson wf 7620. We are trying to figure out now what is the best places and brands to get decal vinyl, iron on vinyl, iron transfer paper,(light and dark) tshirt, hoodie etc, and also a heat press. Please help we want good brands so our quality stays but also don't want to spend tons of money
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Where are you located?
no heat press?

i would suggest starting with the cameo3 and vinyl,
because without a heat press the transfer papers will not get close to proper pressure/temp

if you do have a heat press then jetpro sofstretch (jpss on the forum) transfer paper for lights
do a search here for 'jpss' for all the pertinent info
transfers for darks are a whole other beast
(they are a film that sits atop the garment, making for a thick plasticky/papery feel, and also carry specific wash/dry instructions)

good brands, quality and cheap is not a recipe for success when starting out
to reiterate, start with learning the cameo and vinyl and worry about transfers later

before selling anything it is also important to do multiple (+12) wash/dry cycles of your finished garment,
this is to ensure the longevity of your product you wish to sell
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We use sign warehouse
Don't try anything until you get a heat press
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So what is a good heatpress to get. Preferably less than$200
So what is a good heatpress to get. Preferably less than$200
To get a new heat press for less than $200 you'll probably have to get a something sold on Amazon and made from China. Amazon isn't going to give you any support on it at all, and the Chinese ones can have issues where the heat is not consistent. Some cold spots can make your end product worthless. If you get one from Amazon and have this problem, I don't know what Amazon is going to do for you, if anything.

That said, to keep your costs at least close to $200, you could get a Chinese made press that is sold by an American company that can support you if your Chinese made heat press has such problems.

This is what I did. I bought a Transpro from Proworld. Works great. Haven't had any problems at all with it. And if I did, based on Proworld reputation here I'm sure my problems would be rectified.

However, don't let me end without saying, I highly recommend get something better made than one made in China. But you'll need to spend around $1000 to do that, unless you can find a used one.
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Some Chinese product with high qualitylif you have got a problem heat transfer machine,maybe you didn't find a better factory,Now most of the export enterprises are very focused on quality.
that is true to certain extent

i remember our old honda gennie motor was made in china,
but that motor was flawless for over a decade (sold it, still looked and ran like new)

it is getting to the point in china that you get what you pay for
do you want to spend 1/10th for a heat press that also does eight other things, then expect troubles
do you want to spend 1/2, then you can probably expect a halfway decent press

look at proworld, they sell chinese presses, but have great reviews
this is, as Mandy pointed out, due to properly sourcing and researching/relationshipping the factory
i bought a HP Black Series 15x15 heat press from HeatpressNation.com for $363 shipped... i paid with the affirm financing option and only pay $35/mo. and my credit sucks :) rolling the dice on one of those $200 ebay/amazon presses may cause problems with transfers sticking to your shirt or not heating up properly/evenly... and they don't last very long... read some reviews where they arrived completely inoperable...
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