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which transfer paper to buy?

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Hi, I want to purchase some Amercian made transfer papers for my t-shirt printing business. I currently live in China and I talked to a few suppliers, they recommend me to use "AW Transmax" papers, I tried to search this brand online but couldnt get any clue. Does anyone here has ever heard of this brand? Is it a American brand that you guys use for print? Please help, coz I worry this brand was a made up brand by Chinese factories.

And what papers you guys love to use? can you recommend me some really reliable brands and where I can purchase them?:)

I am really appriciated with all your help!
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Most people will have their own fews on which paper to use, but the most common used by most are.....

1 - JPSS (jestpro stoftstreach) for white garments.
2 - Iron on (Two types of paper, one for light garments and the dark for dark tops)

There are other types, but these seem to be the most used.
I personaly use them all. from KissCut and JPSS to normal clothing vinyl.
Never heard of this paper you mention.
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Just to add, done a search (google) just now and the paper is advertised on the net, and closer to you than any one else.
Seems strange you could`nt find anything on it as its made were you are from ?
Eather way here on T-shirt forum we dont judge people just try to help.
Try checking this out you`ll find what you need to know just add the www. to the front and you`ll get all the info as i dont want to advertise pfbar.com/pfbar_27510.html
Thanks TVS! thanks for the link you found for me. These days Chinese factories made up their own brand and advertise as an oversea brand to gain market. I dont trust what says on Chinese website, coz most of them were posted by distributors. Your opinion is very useful !
Hi guys, you just have to watch the spelling on those papers....

It's spelled Jetpro Sofstretch. This way you can do a better search on it frozencandy. It is made by Neenah.

The dark paper that I like is Ironall Dark. (Ironall for light has fade problems. I used to use it and switched t Jetprosofstretch.) The other paper for darks that people on the forum like is JetWear, that is made by Neenah, and Neenah calls it JetOPAQUE. Opaque means dark in this business.

I hope that helps you a little more. Good luck to you. :)
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