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Which Tote???

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Hello all,
I've tried tote bags in the past which very little success. I was using a canvas tote made by I believe Harrington?

Anyway, the transfer (brought from Proworld) didn't adhere well. It was a puff design which I have some trouble with anyway even on tees.

My question is this. Is canvas what I need to use or do I need to use a non woven type tote?

Also, any advice on doing these successfully? Does inkjet transfer paper work on these like it does on tees?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance as it may be a couple of days before I can get back to check on this thread.
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As most know I do tote bags. I just used Hot Split one color on 100 % canvas. The problem with these are 2 fold you have a lot of moisture in them so you have to pre-press for at lest 5 second. and the have sizing in them which can cause scorching when you are trying to print at 15 seconds. I The recommended time was 15 seconds but I reduced it to 12 and even 11 seconds and the went on well. Very light scorching hardly noticeable but I still was not happy. My client got them Friday and said they were nice. I like to use topper 806 and Port and company b100.
Check my site for other things I have done. L J Robin
Thanks badalou. I'll try those and see if they work for me. And thanks for the quick reply... I think I'm going to like this site!!!!!
Badalou, where do you get your tote bags?

I bought the same press you have because I liked the look of your work.

So thanks for all of the help.
I buy my topper 806 from Presentation products www.ppsapparel.com
and the rest fro San mar www.sanmar.com
All canvas tote bags made by "Harriton" are chemically treated before they leave China and not suitable for heat transfers. When purchasing tote bags, be sure to check the manufacturer. Harriton tote bags are mediocre for screen printing or decorating with fabric paint. Digital heat transfers and sublimation transfers simply will not adhere and you will end up ruining the bag. Plastisol transfers make work since they actually melt plastisol paint into the "Chinese cotton" u unlike the inkjet and laser digital heat transfer process. Hope this helps.

Hello Craig
i have done tote bags that are a 100 % Cotton made in pakistan i used just a regular iron im still in the stages of buying a heat press i bought them on line at my shop angel.com i used transfer paper i got at print on it .com i do Photograps on t shirts tote bags and mouse pads if you want i can send you some photos of these tote bags that i have done.

Gee, a year old thread revitalized.......

I have since started using Port & Company B050 convention totes in natural and washed denim. I get them from sanmar. Have had good luck with them but I tend to stay away from puff designs as I still have trouble getting them to stick. Hot splits and vinyl work great on these totes. Craig
I now use Bodek And Rhodes as I use a lot of the Topper 806 and they have the best price. The bags below are Opaque transfers, vinyl and Iron All in that order.


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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