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Which printer.

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Hi I am currently printing using laser printer for tshirts but looking to get into sublimation and looking for your advice on a printer. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 printers. So it's between the rikoh 3310dn nd the virtuoso sg400. I know the rikoh 3310 is now discontinued but address will still stock the ink for it. The virtuoso seems really good too and you get a design programme with it. Has anyone any experience with these printers as there is nearly €200in the difference in the price probably mainly because the rikoh is being discontinued hence why the price is lower.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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They are basically the same printers, only difference is that the SG 400 can use the SubliJet-HD inks (which are supposed to be better than the other Sawgrass inks for Ricoh's), well maybe the print heads are a little different.

That's what I think I have understood. I had a SG 400, got problems with it and switched to Epsons and will never go back to desktop printers.
and do you know much about this creative studio (i think its called) design package that comes with the virtuoso? and is there one with the Rikoh?
No it doesnt come with the ricoh but this software is useless if you have Photoshop. I think it helps people with no template to print with the sizes of a phone case or mug or stuff like that.
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