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Which printer???

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Hey there, so I have a cricut maker, and I’m tired of weeding smaller projects and screwing them up and having to waste vinyl...I would like to purchase a printer, and I’ve been told to buy an inkjet printer. I have so many questions as to which one I should purchase and I want to keep in mind my budget and not spend too much but I want a good quality..I have done some research as to what inkjet printers are the best and I have come to a conclusion that Epson or brother are probably the best? Here is what I need when I purchase my first inkjet printer. 1. The best quality of an image/aka no bleeding 2. Bright and vibrant colors/no bleeding 3. More than likely be able to print larger than 12 inch. 4. Budget up to $400 5. Ink not to be outrageously expensive 6. Be able to heat transfer on any type of shirt type!
My questions with the printing also, is it better to get a printer with dye ink, sub ink or high pigment...or whatever it’s called. I’m new to all of these and need a good explanation too all of the options out there!! I’m very new to the whole printer process so I’m trying to find the best and most affordable way and easiest way to help my business grow with no headache. Thank you!
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