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which plastisol transfer to use for 50/50 tees and any tips for doing front and back heat transfer placements?

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First of all I would like to say that this forum is great. I'm glad I landed here.

I have done a number of designs for others, but I am VERY new to the production side of things.

Here is my scenario:

I have a customer that wants 200 shirts, with a logo on the front pocket, full logo on the back. He wants the shirts to be Jerzees Heavyweight Blend 50/50.

The Color schemes are:

White Logo on Black
Black Logo on White
Black Logo on Pink
Black Logo on Red
Possibly White Logo on Blue

I was thinking of getting the transfers from Transfer Express. Is there a particular transfer that they offer that will work well on a 50/50 blend?

I have a Hix Hobby Lite 9x12 press.

Is there anything special I will need to press both on the front and back of the shirts?

That's all I can think of for now, but any help/advise is welcomed.
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Factory 74 . . welcome to the forum . .

I have use Transfer express . . . I use the "goof proof" . .
7 sec press time and it peels like butter (hot peel) . . . it work out great on either 100% or 50/50
HOWEVER . . I would call TExpress . . and ask for help with the selection . . it will give you more of an understanding on what to use and when to use it for what materials to use it on . . . *hope that makes sense*~ . . .

I use a mouse pad inside the shirt when pressing the pocket design
and I always do pocket designs 1st than do the back of the shirt design . . but that's just me . .

always order extra for mess up's or just case there is add on's to the order . .
if your a 1st time customer with TE . . expect at least 1 week turn around time on your 1st order . .
after that . . your info is kept on file . . re-ordering is such a breeze . . 3 day turn around . . of course I am going with how my ordering time frame was/is

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Thank you Diane. Some of the anxiety is lifting heh. I wasn't expecting a 200 shirt order right out of the box.
Will . . . also keep in mind . . doing 200 shirts (front and back) is like doing 400 shirts . . .
be sure to give yourself a large enough time frame, just in case there are issues . .
not saying there will be . . just never know . . and you won't feel so rush -- you get the order done in less than the time frame you allotted . . Super!! . . your buyer will love you and will refer you to others . . .

I agree with Diane, I always do the smaller transfer first. With your press, will the transfer be smaller or larger then the press? That press might be small for this size order, you may have to press the backs twice. Get yourself teflon sheets you will need at least 2. One for the pocket when you flip the shirt over and another if you have to press the back in 2 sections.

Good luck, let us know how you do.
I'm planning on scaling the back design to fit inside 8.5 x 11.

Do you think that will be ok, or should i scale it down a little more?

Thanks everyone for the advise.
I'm planning on scaling the back design to fit inside 8.5 x 11.

Do you think that will be ok, or should i scale it down a little more?

Thanks everyone for the advise.
It depends on the size of the shirts, and the transfer design. I wear a XL so that size in certain designs would look funny, but on a SM it could work. In other designs it would be Ok. Hope this makes sense.

It might take you longer but make sure you have a quality product when done. Use a regular printer to size up the design. Print it out, cut it and place it on a T. I have done this many times.

Remember 1 Happy customer will tell some, but a unhappy customer will tell many more.
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