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Which paper only shows the design?

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I'm trying to transfer text onto a black, grey, and purple shirt. They are three different shirts, not one shirt with all three colors. Each shirt is a solid color. ;)

Anyway, I was wondering which paper I should buy/use that will transfer only the text, so that I don't have a big white box around my text. I know there's some out there; I've seen a video* of it being done, I just don't know the brand.

TIA! :)

* The video

YouTube - How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Applying Iron-On Transfer to Dark T Shirt
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If you can find the paper that guy was using, please post so that I can try it. As to be expected, the imabe didn't look as bright on the black shirt, but it did actually transfer the ink.
Unless he has come up with a miracle paper I believe he has used a cutter that has contour cut and peeled away the outer white on some opaque paper.
If the image hadn't been mirrored, I would agree. But he placed the ink side of the transfer on the shirt. I hate those unidentified videos. I am going to boycott Utube since in only use it about once a year anyway.
Hmmm. I wonder what the point was in making/posting that video if he wasn't looking to sell the paper? (Or something else.) It's great that people post how-to videos out of the goodness of their hearts, but when they don't explain how they did something, they cause a lot of lost sleep! :confused:

It can only be that he used one of those inkjet + laser papers that self-weed. I'd be tempted to invest in a laser printer, but I've read on this forum that those image-clip type papers aren't all they're cracked up to be. If anyone has had solid, predictable results using image-clip or similar, I'd love to hear from you! In the meantime, I will be over here in the corner with my X-acto knife and first aid kit.:)
Watching further, he says it is transfer paper for both white or dark and the transfer paper is indicated by a green line which was running vertically on the back with the plain white side as the ink side which he stated to be somewhat tacky. Any body familiar with an inkjet transfer paper that has a green line running down the back? Other wise, this video is very frustrating.
Watching more - he does trim out the paper with the green line. Sorry. Posted too soon
Something isn't right about that video. In fact I dont think the iron is even hot.
Notice he says the paper is lifting as it cools.
It was lifting from the beginning.

Also notice when he peels the paper away its not pulling the shirt up. In other words the paper dont appear to be stuck to the ink at all.
Notice how he makes a effort to make the paper curl as he lifts it.

There is self weeding paper out there and there are tons of posts here about it. But nothing for dark shirts that I'm aware of.
Do a search on Google for self weeding transfer paper and you will see multiple threads here.
Thanks for all the feedback and information.

I ended up taking my shirts to my local shirt making business in town, so no need to worry about finding a paper that doesn't show the outlines. :)

Thanks again.
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